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Itagaki: Japanese games industry is dying

Tomonobu Itagaki has joined Keiji Inafune in kicking the Japanese games industry while it’s down, saying it’s currently dying.


Speaking with Edge, the Valhalla Games Studios boss backed up comments that Inafune, Capcom’s global production boss, made at Tokyo Game Show back in September last year.

“I agree,” said Itagaki when asked about if he echoed the Capcom exec’s words.

“Japan failed to import capitalism, or rather, it failed to understand the lessons of capitalism, of the free market economy. What I’m talking about isn’t just limited to the games industry. I’m talking about what has happened in Japan since the ’60s. Japan’s destiny – the destiny of this era – was already determined then.”

And budding politicians out there – we mean you, Wyclef – watch out: Tomo wants a piece of the pie.

When asked if he’d like to become a political candidate, Itagaki said: “Yes. There have been some offers for me to become a political candidate in Japan, and we do need a strong leader.”

Itagaki to be Japanese prime minister by the end of the decade. We’re calling it.

Valhalla’s first game, Devil’s Third, was announced at E3 for a future release on PS3 and 360 from THQ.