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Wii_gamer said: 5 weeks worth of sales and one of the biggest months of the year, if not THE biggest. November brought about the apocalypse and December should be insane as well. For some reason I think something unexpected is going to happen, like the PS3 outselling the 360 (don't kill me on this...) or the Wii not selling as much as people think. Of course the DS/GBA/PS2 domination is here to stay but from the 3 next-gen consoles there might be a surprise or two. Sony is really pumping out those PS3 units like they said they would. I don't think there will be that many surprises on the software side, GOW, FF12 and company will dominate the charts with rising sales from Zelda TP as well.
December is always the biggest worldwide...(Even though Christmas is really an American holiday) My predictions are - North America - Wi - 1.3 million +/- 100k (I know a large number, but they have been gone everywhere and if they ship as much as they say they are gonna...then again I also heard a report they would only have 200k a week shipped to NA in December) 360 - 1 million (I think they will hit this, Xbox original sold 470k November 2002, 1040k December 2002, considering 360 sold 511k November this year, seems it will sell similar to Original Box) PS3 - 700k - I think production is ramped up, I have heard there is a very large shipment coming just before the 31st or on the 31st... Japan - Wii - 800k (Consider though this includes Wii launch there, other wise it would be 350k less) PS3 - 350k (This does not include PS3 launch numbers as that was in November) 360 - 80k - Which is going to be one of their best months since launch. But it won't last, it's only because they discounted the Core with the Blue Dragon bundle. Edit: I have been checking with some other sources, and on another forum I talk to guys trying to get a PS3, shipments have been extremely large this last week. BBs have been getting between 40-130 units a store. Comparing these to the launch numbers they are quite a bit larger. So it is true they have definitely improved production and I expect NPD numbers to be high for December.