Slimebeast said:
Samus Aran said:
highwaystar101 said:
He is a peaceful man.

It's just that the kind of peace he wants will only come about by threatening the rest of the world to conform on pain of death... Kinda defeats the object.

Cause the Western peace is so much better right? You know except for the fact we're destroying our world and the south is paying for all the ecological and social costs while the north is leeching from their back.

With north I mean Europa/USA and with south I mean mostly Africa, but south america and parts of Asia as well.

Because of our global economical system 9 million people die of starvation each year in AFRICA alone. It's destroying the local agriculture which is/was the primary source of survival for many people in the world. A lot of people will die for our global economical system. A lot. 

You shouldn't listen to so much socialist propaganda.

Socialists oppose wars, we do not want to die in  wars which profit the ruling capital class. Ruling capital class started wars in the  Middle East to fight against socialist freedom fighters. Wars are started solely for profiting the ruling elite and lives are sacrificed for profits. 

Iranian President is a man of peace. He does not want war but he fears that the US will invade his sovereign nation of Iran. Sharia law has worked effectively in Iran. Why is everyone against Sharia law?