ArnoldRimmer said:

What's true however is that Ahmadinejad is rather unpopular among young people and in the big cities. And that is where the protests actually happened, so the images seen on TV gave a very unrepresentative impression when it comes to Iran as a whole.

So the Iran election was not anything like the Afghanistan election a short time later, where there was absolutely clear evidence the election had been rigged in favor of the US-favored Hamid Karzai.

We know that he was hugely unpopular in urban areas, yet these happened to be the areas in which he did the best in.  Which makes absolutely no sense.  The area was heavily in favor of his opposition, then they change their minds and vote for him, then change their minds again and protest him getting into power?  No what happened was that the votes in urban areas weren't counted.  He won even in Tabriz, Mousavi's capital city.

You should read this article detailing how one can deduce fraudelent vote counts by analyzing the numbers and comparing it to human behaviour.  When humans make up numbers they usually don't cross check them to make sure that they line up with what is the statistical average for a number to pop up, so you have huge spikes in certain numbers and massive drops in another number being used. 

We expect each digit (0, 1, 2, and so on) to appear at the end of 10 percent of the vote counts. But in Iran's provincial results, the digit 7 appears 17 percent of the time, and only 4 percent of the results end in the number 5."

This is not a normal situation and the likelihood of this event happening naturally is akin to winning the lottery.  Did Ahdmadinejad win the lottery in every district he won, or had the numbers simply been fabricated?


Armads said:

Creating nuclear weapons (evidence previously provided)

There is still no evidence for this either. 

It's quite odd to claim there is no evidence when I already provided it.  They've hidden nuclear facilities, refused to accept nuclear fuel that would work for energy but not for weaponry, and have been acquiring nuclear trigger devices.  What more do you need?

Armads said:

And here's a fun quote “As the Imam said, Israel must be wiped off the map,” coming from a man who is attempting to (or already has) create nuclear weapons, this doesn't sound like playful banter to me.

I would have thought that by now everyone had heard that this was nothing but a completely wrong translation. What he actually said had more to do with israel's occupation of palestine.

Btw., israeli prime minister Netanyahu on the other hand really uttered the threat of wiping Iran off the map - and this man really has nuclear bombs. Probably hundreds - nobody really knows, since Israel denies giving information about their nuclear arsenal.


I'm pretty anti-israel, I think they're a terrorist state, but I'm not for their genocide.  But Iran still calls for death to our nation   (he also claims Iran has cured AIDS at one point, lawl; got to wonder if the translation is totally accurate though)