Akvod said:
disolitude said:

lol...I forgot that moving forward every FPS had to be all seriouz buzinezz like Modern Warfare.

Arcadey shooters are thing of the past. Funny thing is that MW is aslo pretty arcadey but whatever.

Seriously though...anyone that has listened to his "invisible walls" podcast knows that the Shane dislikes halo and has been putting it down as well as saying Bungie has no talent. On the other hand will give his left nut for Modern Warfare.  So no surprise there.

If MoH is anything like MW2 I fucking hate the controls. Way too little recoil, way too snappy, way too stiff. It's ridiculous how many headshots you can get with that game due to the lack of recoil. The ammount of damage and health in that game is retarded too.

BC2 feels fluid. KZ2 feels fluid as jello, you can't fucking center onto anything.


Team Deathmatch is simply a flawed game mode. It eventually degenerates into a free for all with no sense of strategy or team work. You need objectives in order to create the sense of a pitched battle with lines, and groups of enemies and allies, trying to maneuver around each other.

Team death match is only free for all in CoD cause of the kill streaks. In other shooters, the better team wins, always.