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You're a little late to the party.  EGM's been back for about three months, now.  And yeah, I subscribed, too.  I grabbed my first issue of EGM at around issue #3 (I think.  Whichever one had the Batman for Sega Genesis cover).  By the time that Street Fighter II was a big deal, EGM was my magazine of choice.  Die Hard Game Fan (which has also returned from the dead in recent months), Game Pro, Game Players, the other Game Players, Game Informer, Incite, and later, OPM, OXM, PSXTREME, etc., etc., (before the internet, I read A LOT of magazines) were all sucking EGM's balls in my opinion.

When EGM died last year, part of me died, too.  My subscription was replaced by Maxim magazine (the boobies did there best to kill the pain).  I'm glad it's back!  It feels a little too mature but I'm sure the new guys will eventually find their "groove".  It may just be EGM in name only (hardly anything from the old EGM remains) but I can live with that.

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