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In the USA I am sure the PS3 will not catch  360 , It's over there , If I owned a 360 I don't need a PS3 , the games are one and the same , I don't remember seeing two similar consoles in my gaming history , OK U can't play gran turismo (U got Forza) U can't play Killzone (U have Halo) this is not much of a big differance .

The only bright side I see is Blue-Ray support by PS3 (U can purchase a Blue-ray machine still) , Had microsoft choosed to support HD-DVD then it would't have died and Toshiba would be still fighting for it's market share till date.

Anyway in Europe we will have to see if The price cut will change the market there because the PS3 is leading there , The gap has shrunk to 5 Million because of Europe & Japan market.

i'd like to know what are the replacements for other ps3 exclusives in ur opinion, cause just because u might not like them or care about those they are still there and make the ps3 games library a pretty impressive one.

what's the substitute for god of war, uncharted, infamous, yakuza and other franchises that you cant find anywhere else?

@OP: like other people have stated before, i cant say i care that much about the ps3 beating xbox360 in sales. i'm happy with my console of choice, it has a respectable install base that cant be ignored and a great library of games. i know the console still has at least 3 more years to live up to it's full potential, the games will keep coming. that's all i want and expect when i buy a playstation console.

god of war = bayonetta, dante's inferno

uncharted = tomb raider

infamous = crackdown

yakuza = GTA (i'm sort of guessing cause i'm not too familur with yakuza)

dante's inferno = god of war rip-off (as in total carbon copy) which is not half as good.

bayonetta = devil may cry with a chick.its extremely awesome...I'll give you that. But God of War III is too epic for Bayonetta to match.

tomb raider = this franchise has stooped to the levels of mediocrity. it can't hold a handle to uncharted.

infamous and crackdown seem similar. But crackdown 2 has received mixed reviews, while infamous 2 looks like a major improvement over the first game.

last one, I agree.

But, everyone can see that the PS3 has the most diverse list of exclusives...thats a big plus I think. At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preferance, and the 360 is most definitely not a bad console by any means.