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shanbcn said:
BBH said:
kicks1989 said:

nooooooooo shan 2 l8 , what happen 2 bbh ??

Well I got banned for a few days from here, and have been occupied with the World Cup. Come on England!

Created a new PSN to try and get into KZ again but I just feel like I've played that game to death.

I'm playing that Medal of Honour too, pretty decent but nothing spectacular. It only froze as Taliban on a 4 kill streak - but I think the patch is out now?

I use my new PSN now as my main btw, BigBoobieHead is a terrible name.

Add me (again) if you want or if not idc.  --> S___M___C___C

No games to play atm so haven't been on much.

What kind of id is that? Will add you later once MoH is patched. The only way around is as a Taliban your 3rd consecutive kill should be melee or else it will froze. Or just keep getting killed after 2 kills. lol

My best ID yet lol. It's my initials kind of, 3 underscores between each letter.

And yea, it was really unfair for the Taliban since all their best players froze out. I suicided after 2 kills.  

I wish Medal of Honour will have a Clan System.