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I have a Wii already and I'm not paying $130 for the Sony Move.

You dont have a Ds3?

Sorry to sounds like a noob but whats a ds3? lol

the normal controller for the ps3 you do not need the nav controller. and as for the wii does it do augmented reality, voice recognition, head tracking, face recognition, object recognition. the move isn't just the controller is got camera based sensors as well just like Kinect.

Oh yea the ps3 controller can be used. I was told that but i would never want to use it in that way to be honest.

Yea idk what all the stuff is you said up there but i saw non of it in the games i watched. Do me a fav and link me some vid's if you can. As of what i have seen Sorcery was the only thing even remotely interesting and its not worth $130.

On thing I do like about Move is i want to see it in 3rd person games. RE4 was great and RE5 will be cool as well. Also I love Infamous but I think the Move would help that game a lot too eventhough I dont think there going to use it.

Another fact may be, although im not sure of it, is i might be getting tired of motion controlls. The last Wii game I have played was MHT and I LOVE IT! No motion controls. Hmmmm idk.

I guess the main problem with Move for me is the price atm. My Wii $250 came with the controllers. I didnt own a WIi and then have to spend $130 for the Motion controlls thats all.

And Move wont sell to the casuals at that price, or the $400 system. If the casuals dont buy it it will fail. You hardcore PS3 fans wont be enough and some of you wont want it anyways.

Time will tell.

yeah the DS3 will be kind of awkward when being used with one hand but you can use it.

no games yet :( but here is a link
there is a SDK for it, so hopefully it will be integrated into one of the move games.

voice recognition is just the software using the mic's on the eye. i used the eye for tom clancy's end war instead of a headset.

there will be head tracking in GT5 (I think I read that somewhere I will check that out too).

there was also a video where Anton (one of the people who designed the move) mention the features.  I will add a link for that when I find it.

correct me if I am wrong
stop me if I am bias
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