I always thought that a motion control sword fighting game would be awesome, but there were small chances to get that on a PC with mouse control. Finally I got to play Die by the  Sword, but it didn't work too well, yet it was interesting.

Now we have the Wii ( which I didn't get because it didn't appeal to me, although the motion control thing did/does), the PS Move soon, and the MS thing, so it's clear that motion control is here to stay. It's not about the craze anymore, it's almost status quo. Good. It's better to aim with the Wiimote in RE4 than with the  SIXAXIS in RE5. Much, much, MUCH better. 

So I would buy 2 Move controllers, already have teh camera and am interested in RE5, the sports game for the gladiator thing mainly, Sorcery, although I would like gesture control for casting the spells more. Expecting future shooters, (SOCOM not so much, I don't like present day violence, it needs to be past or future or twisted), sword fighters (yes, Star Wars), and all the things that require a mouse like control and are on the PC.