Not so much pumped, but Sorcery really sold it for me. Until I saw Sorcery and just knew this game would really appeal to one of my sons I was a 70% likely. Now I'm 100% gonna get Move, I just haven't decided whether I'll get it before, or when Sorcery releases. I guess we only NEED to buy 1 Move controller because we already have the PSEye, and a DS3 can be used in place of a Nav

My niece and nephew are buying a PS3 soon, and I've promised I'd buy (partly) them the Move for my niece's birthday which is October. I hope there's a good non-Wii clone minigame game for Move available in October. Will LBP2 be out by then?

So within my extended family that's 1 PS3 and 1 (maybe 2) Move set ups for 2010.

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