Xoj said:
selnor said:
leo-j said:

killzone 3 was showing far more scale than anything shown off with CRYSIS 2 at e3.. and RAGE truely surpasses both.. from what I saw, I am not even joking

RAGE has far more scale than Crysis 2, and far more detail

Are you joking????????????????

KZ3 showed small areas. And a couple of onscreen enemies. Still very enclosed. Combat is tight to you. 

Rage was nice. Definately up there. Reach had much bigger environments, fog effects and draw distance. And the amount of enemies on the ground and sky was awesome. 

Crysis 2 just has the 'whole' package. 

KZ3 so called destruction looked very weak next to Crysis 2 at E3.

a icy mountain is not small in scale O_o what u were watching? it was open area space. with sun burst affecting ur vision with uncharted 2 like snow.

It's not a playable area.