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aragod said:

Crysis 2 gameplay during EA conference didn't impress me at all, looked dated and very generic. I still think that leaving the jungle was a bad idea. Console version of Crysis might have some impressive features but in the end it didn't deliver. I'd say that even Battlefield Bad Company 2 looks better. Save Crysis 2 for PC, in 5 years you might run it at mid-high settings. But on consoles?

They had to leave the jungle to get this game to run on the consoles.  The consoles couldnt reproduce what Crysis and Warhead did with the jungle set peices. Coming to a city environment where everything is square and has sharp corners,  much easier to make look good.   When its all said and done this game will look great on the PC,  but nothing that spectacular on the consoles.  It will easily be surpassed by one of the exclusives coming out on each console