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selnor said:


What? Stop with the PS3 Exclusive tone. Thats so last year. 

Crysis 2, Bulletstorm, Rage all beat Uncharted 2 easily. 

Come to think of it now games are all looking so good it's stupid to call anything better than anything else.

Vanquish, Rage, Bulletstorm, KZ3, Gears 3, Crysis 2, Reach, Enslaved to name a few are all amazing beyond anything out now in game engine. Some of these games are throwing around huge scale and masses of onscreen action with loads of particles and effects. 

It's pointless to say anything is better than anything else. Crysis 2 sits atop. But there is nothing between the rest. They all beat existing games IMO. 

This notion of PS3 can only do it. Has been compleely nullified by 5 multiplat games and 2 exclusive 360 games showing it plays in exactly the same ballpark as PS3. If anything this E3 showed that significantly. 

You can add Brink to those games to. 6 multiplats. 

And we are yet to see another definate contender Cryteks Kingdoms.

So Selnor, what you're basically saying multiple times in this post of yours is that... you're saying stupid thing?




IMO, nothing presented this year beats God of War 3's graphics.  But you can twist even that any way you may want. :P