Vetteman94 said:

I still dont think this game is as impressive looking as people are making it out to be.  I doubt it will look as good as its older brother.  And those images say i am right so far. 

So far for me its Killzone 3 and Gears 3 for best looking that I have seen

I agree, I remember having numerous discussions after Crysis came out comparing it to a ton of console games and routinely people would post comparisons of the game in medium detail.

Crysis on very high settings at any resolution 1080p or above was beyond stunning, and it also kicked the crap out of just about any PC that didn't have a $2000 coolant system at those settings.  PCs have obviously caught up quite a bit so a simple redo would be much more open to the masses this time, but I can't blame them for heading to the consoles to maximize their sales (especially the 360 which, say what you will, is shooter central).

Still the game suffers in that it will struggle to look as good as Crysis did on gaming PCs of a few years ago, but it was actually a pretty good game for reasons beyond simply looking great.  So its not like it's a complete waste, I mean I'd love to see what they could do by pushing the PC as hard as they did on Crysis, but cutting edge graphics or not it's still going to look fantastic, even on the consoles, by any realistic standard and the gameplay probably won't suck either =P

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