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lets see it costs rumored 150?? and the wii is 200 hhmmm i think price alone killed it. now the ps move is 40 per controller and to really experience it you need 2. so there is 80 and 20 for the detector i think. but anyways take the price of the ps3 and add in move and it is also doubled the wii's price. the thing i would love to see nintendo to do in the next year or two is come out with a wii HD console and have it to where you can trade in your current wii and upgrade it to the HD for about 50-100 dollars and still hvae the same compatibility as the wii. now that would own big time.

With the PS3, you need the camera, and a Move controler, and also the equivalent of the Nunchuck.  The package for 1 player is over $100.  To add more than one player is $50 per, if not more.  The PS3 bundle with Move is $400.  I want to hear people say how the PS3 version is a good price while the Kinect set up is a rip off.

I also wonder if Nintendo has stole the 3D thunder with the 3DS.  They took repeated shots at the glasses you need for it another way.

no u dont, if u already have the camera, also the camera can be used for others games and video conferencing up to 6 members.

also u can use a sixaxis dualshock as replacement,

only u want the premium experience to have to buy the others. but then it's pretty much same price as the wii remote

but instead of paying extra por motion plus, u pay extra pfor the camera (if u dont have one and u only have to buy one not many motion plus)

1. Nobody has the camera.

2. Sony is trying to sell more consoles, not trying to sell Move to existing owners.

3. Its the most expensive option out of the three if you want more than 1 person to play. Stop trying to spin it.