Dgc1808 said:

Ummm... guys. The navigation controller is optional for those that can't hold a dualshock with one hand... That's why SONY's not throwing it into any bundles... YOU DON'T NEED IT to play move titles.


When the MOVE was first demo'd with a game [RE5] it was played with a Wand and DualShock.

Nobody is going to hold the dualshock with one hand. Its a bad enough controller to want to hold in two hands let alone one. Sony priced themselves out of the market again. $429 for a complete move experience for ONE person and a console. $500 for two people to experience Move. Move will bomb big time. By the time the price gets dropped to an acceptable price for the consumer the next gen consoles will be out. And please don't try to tell me that the PS3 has a 10 year life cycle and will compete with the new consoles technically because it won't. It will be Wii tech compared to the next gen.