scorptile said:

lets see it costs rumored 150?? and the wii is 200 hhmmm i think price alone killed it. now the ps move is 40 per controller and to really experience it you need 2. so there is 80 and 20 for the detector i think. but anyways take the price of the ps3 and add in move and it is also doubled the wii's price. the thing i would love to see nintendo to do in the next year or two is come out with a wii HD console and have it to where you can trade in your current wii and upgrade it to the HD for about 50-100 dollars and still hvae the same compatibility as the wii. now that would own big time.

Wow try to swing that in PS3's favor as much as possible why don't you. The PS Move controller is $50, plus $30 for the add on "nunchuck" controller plus whatever the camera costs. The PS Move bundle is $99 which comes with the camera and one Move controller and a game, not the "nunchuck" So add that in and you're talking $129 for ONE person to play Move. Two people playing costs the same as a Wii.  $399 for the Playstation console and move bundle and that doesn't include the "nunchuck" so its minimum $429 for ONE person to have the complete Move experience. Move is much more expensive than Kinect 360. In fact I can almost guarantee once the old systems have sold MS will drop the price $50 and put the new 250 gig console at $249 and a bundled version at $349-$399 range. Except Kinect recognizes up to 4 players. Sony has shot themselves in the foot and priced themselves out of the market for the second time.