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darthdevidem01 said:
theprof00 said:

Don't worry darth, I'm here for you now.

pic related, it's me holding darth, or it could be badgenome holding me holding darth

{Wakes up}

Hi badgenome whachya doin making a cry baby face like that?!

{realises he's in theprof's arms}

Ewwwww stop groping me theprof00!!!!!

{uses PSP 2 to hit theprof00}

EDIT: Whoops ignore where it said PSP 2, I meant ermm PSP GO!....PSP 2 doesn't exist!!! {hides from SONY PR people}

Theprof: shhhh... the pspgo was all just a bad dream was all just a bad dream. Now and suckle my teat.

Darth: badgenome, something is wrong with theprof00. He's acting really strange. Wanna go get some steak and kidney pie?

Badgenome: With you, I'd go anywhere. uinku

Darth: ....

Theprof: (whispering to self) he'll be back....they always come back...isn't that right my precious?