Samus Aran said:

I'm just saying there's no 100% that Iran has nuclear weapons, I have yet to hear a single official report that said there's hard solid proof Iran has nuclear weapons.

What would be the point of that deal if Iran already can and knows how to make nuclear weapons? If the USA really had proof that Iran has nuclear weapons then it would make no sense to try and make that deal. It would only make sense if Iran is trying to develop nuclear weapons, but not yet succeeded(which is something I never denied).

You have to have a great fantasy if you actually believe Iran would throw nuclear weapons on Israel. What would they gain from it? Nothing. What would they lose for it? Everything.

When one reads about the pressure that the US and UK Governments put on such countries as Iran and North Korea I find it hard to believe that they themselves are so negligent in taking care of their own weapons. I also find it so hard to believe that they have such high moral standards when trying to stop Weapons of Mass Destruction, but are prepared to use such "evil" weapons themselves.

If the USA wants to appear credible then they should be the first to remove *all* of their nuclear weapons.(alongside Russia).
Cause it's wrong for other countries to have them, but not for the US right?
Correct me if I'm wrong, but the US is also the only country in the world to have abused these nuclear weapons(not including nuclear tests).

Pakistan also has nuclear weapons, and it's also an unstable and very strict Muslim country. It's also a country that supports terrorism and has a big hatred for India. They have yet to throw nuclear weapons on it however. I find it hard to believe Iran would throw nuclear weapons for no reason just to randomly destroy something. It would bite them back harder and I'm 100% positive they're fully aware of that. The last thing Ahmadinejad would do is throw nuclear weapons if he wants to remain in power. Which won't be for too long anymore as the country is about to break out in a revolution if this keeps going(Because of his crappy leadership, see I'm not defending him as you seem to think.)

It's no great fantasy to think that I fanatical muslim who runs a tyrannical theocracy and calls for the death of entire countries would do something irrational and use a nuclear weapon.  Yes the USA is the only country to use the weapons, they are also the only country making actual international efforts to dismantle all these weapons.  What country got Russia to drop their current stockpile?  The US,  which country dismantled a lot of their own nuclear stockpile without any pressure from another nation?  The U.S. again.  You say we shouldn't demonize other nations we don't like, but that's all you have been doing for the US.


I know you're not defending him but you're denying that he obviously is attempting to obtain nuclear weapons, which has been what I've been arguing this whole time.


What you're saying though about the fact that Pakistan has not attacked India yet does not convince me of anything.  The same could be said about the Holocaust before it happened, just because a certain action seems so horrible that it would be unlikely doesn't mean that it won't happen.  What did Germany stand to gain by eliminating the lesser races?  Nothing but the rallying of their people under Hitler's ambitions.  What would destroying Israel do for Admadinejad?  Nothing, but rally his people under his ambitions.  If you don't think the people of the middle east hate Israel with an unbelievable furor then you simply don't know many of the people in that area.