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Loud_Hot_White_Box said:


You must be joking. I pointed out the fact that surprises at E3 are better than not surprises when it comes to the way we gamers "keep score." Suddenly I'm trolling? Read my original post. It's very much on point and on topic, and had no implication of a dig towards sony besides stating the opinion that this costs them a point for their E3 press conference(which you can take to mean what you will, but it certainly doesn't cost them nothing, or the internet wouldn't care). You simply saw my name, and read a bunch of shit into it that wasn't there, because you are biased and defensive.

I don't know if I "overstated" the situation. I think that my analogy is pretty valid. This is a "surprise" that won't happen at E3 because it happened at the bonus round. It's not a big surprise, certainly, but it's of note, and I'll be goddamned if I'm going to be bullied out of mentioning this kind of stuff because it makes people like you angry when it's said aloud. Get over it, and stop trying to claim ToS violations like "trolling" if you don't know what the hell it means.


Your original post brought in how this was bad for Sony, as a dig pulled out of thin air against Sony, fact.  You're right that it was only a dig in the sense that it was a dig, hah.

Hey you should really tell Sony about your rules of winning E3, because once Sony realizes that surprises are so important to scoring "points" at E3, maybe they'll stop having these pre-E3 reveals in magazines -- of KZ3, Infamous 2, etc!  They are shooting themselves in the foot for E3 b/c according to Folder's rules of E3 they have to have surprises!  I guess they don't care, huh?

The internet was abuzz with the TM news because people are excited about a TM game being in the works and/or because of the bitchy back and forth between Pachter and Jaffe.  A 'reveal' of TM is only a big deal because people want TM PS3 to be coming.  It shows how off-base you are that you claim the internet cared because this is going to cost Sony a point at E3.  I'll be goddamned if I'm not going to mention this to you.