Ok asken, I have been offended by the criticisms that have been leveled at christianity. There have been a lot of them from the gay/pink crowd, to people like pagans that i've known - who generally will not like christianity at all, to the more typical nonreligious white liberal crowd. But I agree with all of their criticisms and at the same time realize that when christianity stops acting like a jerk in some respects, that it won't get the criticism to nearly the same degree. So, in order to be consistent I think that I would have to look beyond the offense and ask whether the criticism is for a certain reason or not

As for you, just asking if you are a muslim is not a "trick" at all,i mean you have all the time in the world to either say yes or no, and you won't lose anything either way. In fact, I'd respect you much more for being up front with me but that's your call buddy.