supercat said:
I do have the right to ask you that b/c anything demographically related will affect your viewpoint and that understanding the other person is the focus. I'm only asking because you seem to have the viewpoint that criticism of a religion by means of insulting it is necessarily a bad thing. If so, that's a view that a lot of muslims have, that by insulting a religion (even if the real message is anger towards its actions) you insult the people behind it. It's just a different take on the value of religion that's all. People from different groups have different ideas about the world.

Just an observation and if I'm incorrect I do apologize, but again, you are being evasive when I ask a simple question so I'm guessing that you're probably a muslim.

Your not going to trick me into revealing anything about myself, and you only do yourself disjustice (and actually me as well) by assuming things.


And i'd like to point out that insulting something when being hypocritical is a bad thing.  


And in truth your asking because you want to be able to "rationalize" that my point of veiw is based on the fact that I am Muslim (and therefore less valid), which is wrong.

I can 100% assure you my feelings on this situation would be exactly the same no matter what religion or lack of that I am.


And all that I am saying is, don't say "those people are stupid for being offended"  when if the tables were turned you yourself would be offended.