I do have the right to ask you that b/c anything demographically related will affect your viewpoint and that understanding the other person is the focus. I'm only asking because you seem to have the viewpoint that criticism of a religion by means of insulting it is necessarily a bad thing. If so, that's a view that a lot of muslims have, that by insulting a religion (even if the real message is anger towards its actions) you insult the people behind it. It's just a different take on the value of religion that's all. People from different groups have different ideas about the world.

Just an observation and if I'm incorrect I do apologize, but again, you are being evasive when I ask a simple question so I'm guessing that you're probably a muslim.  If so, the bottom line is that the west is going to keep acting the same way in response to terrorism as a means of punishment to free speech.  America, and Europe are both in agreement here and in my humble opinion the muslims would be more successful by learning how to deal with criticism because the west can be a very critical culture.