aken909 said:
While I don't agree with censorship at all. I think a lot of people who post here and just condemn this action with out really thinking about it would find themselves equally offended if they had a draw Jesus with his head blown off day, or have Jesus eating feces day would find themselves equally offended and I can absolutely guarantee the religious groups would boycott and protest just the same. While it may not be a "nation" chances are more total people would boycott that action than the total number of people in Pakistan. People need to think about the things they do and say a lot more than they do.


If this happened I would ask why this person was offended by Christianity, and for the record aken, I think that a lot of criticism towards christians are fair game b/c the christians themselves haven't been perfect by any means.  I think that the Muslims have to realize that this was a protest kind of an event, in other words to show muslims that people are pissed off by some of the things that happen in the name of Islam and that if these things didn't keep happening that the kind of people who get involved with this would have more of a live and let live a ttitude.