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Pros of PSP

1. decent games

2.Better graphics

3.plays other media (movies, music)

4.Big Screen

5.PS3 Compatible

6. Surf the internet

7.Good Online


Cons Of PSP

1.anoluge nub?

2.not long battery life ( compared to the ds)

3.decently big

4.screen scratches easily (without a cover)


Pros of DS

1.Good Games

2.Touch screen

3.Long Battery Life

4.Closes so you dont have to worry bout the screen

5.GBA Games Compatible

6.Wii Compatible

7. Will Surf the web

8. Microphone


Cons Of DS

1.Not Every1 Likes the DS Touchscreen

2.Bad Online

3.Doesnt play movies, music (who cares?)

4.Bad Online!

5.Bad Online! Hate the Friend Codes

  so i would personal pick the DS ( i have both ) because i like the nintendo games im stuck play pokemon =( but i like watching movies and stuff on my psp and like the gta games. waitin for God Of War 4  the PSP tho.