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freebs2 said:
Bamboleo said:
3GB ram DDR2 688Mhz
Nvidia GeForce 8800GT Mobile
Core 2 Duo 2.7Ghz

Is it enough? Also, I can put the Wii games inside the DVD rom and it will read it?

Do I need to put the sensor bar below or above my monitor so the pointer funcionality is in the emulator?

We have a quite similar hardwere configuration, I've tried some games, most of em' won't run well and have issues, and no you can't run your Wiigames directly from your DVD drive, you have to download the ISO, making the ISO by yourself is also difficult, since the DVD drive won't recognize the disc ,you would have to modify the drive to do that, so it's quite complicate.

Personally, if you are curious, I suggest you to download WindWaker, it works quite well and looks very good in high-definition.

Yeah its true, my DVD drive doesn't read Wii discs... WTF!!!!


That sounds way too complicated already... But I'd like to see Metroid Prime 3 running in 3D and 1080p, yes sir...