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megaman79 said:
Well if NPD don't track Amazon theres this ->

"Monster Hunter Tri, released Apr. 20, ranked No. 11 in Apr. U.S. retail data by NPD Group Inc., moving between 108,000 and 143,000 units in the first 10 days of sale."

The numbers are so vague. So 35k discrepency? It could have have been top ten, according to NPD?

I think the 108k to 143k range that is quoted  here is simply because NPD officially gave these numbers for other games, the low number is for a game below MH3 (Super Street Fighter on 360) and the higher number is for a game that is above MH3 in ranking. MH3 is officially (per NPD) no. 11, and unofficially the number that keeps getting quoted, aparrently becasue it was given by "someone in the know", is 126k.

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