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Final-Fan said:
ironman said:
Nirvana_Nut85 said:
Final-Fan said:
"on 9/11 not a single Muslim came to work, this was reportedly the case in many other businesses in Rochester. Now you can try and tell me that the Muslim religion is one of peace and love, but I know better, they knew about the impending attack and didn't warn anybody."

Okay, I know now from this that you are beyond reasoning with.  This is a hilarious conspiracy theory.  You think that not only are the vast majority of Muslims completely united in terrorist conspiracy attacks, but that they are all in communication with each other, and not ONE of them told authorities or even had communications intercepted by authorities or let it slip to anyone who would tell the cops.  And after the fact no one noticed this except the chain email senders. 

Just to be clear, though, I want to confirm that you are telling me that Carl2291's source is LYING when it claims that the Koran also says to treat Jews as brothers?  Or somehow is completely wrong, whereas you who no doubt have not ever read it know that that instruction does not exist? 

As for the anecdote, considering your other tale I now seriously doubt that anything of the sort happened.  Maybe a worker got into a fight with some guy after insults were exchanged.  I don't even care. 

And Islam is not a favorite religion of mine, nor even do I know more than a couple people who believe it, but when I see people making ridiculous claims (like one guy who said that Islam's God was, in fact, Satan) I stand up against it, just as I would against claims that the Holocaust didn't happen or the sky is on fire.  Or that radical islamic nations could conquer Europe. 

Hey leave him alone, he probably is probably just brainwashed by the Fox News propaganda machine (glenn beck and bill orielly) just like a lot of left wing people are brainwashed by the MSNBC propaganda machine.

Wow, a whole lot of intolerance coming from you two jokers. i'm sorry but like I said before, your precious broken mass media views it as not PC to report anything truely horrible about Muslims. The fact that you people are so quick to defend this religion, while throwing others under the bus is both laughable and hypocritical. 

@ Fine-Fan:  No, there is no conspiracy theory in my story about not one Muslim coming to work on 9/11, I have a first hand witness who was at the IBM building. You can choose not to believe me, I don;t really care because I know for a fact it was true, my source is not a lier, nor are they racist in any manner. BTW Carl's source is irrelevant to the point I am making, like it or not, there are enough muslims that believe the Coran tells them to eradicate all Jews, that I was just in saying what I said in my first post.

As for my first anecdote, Of course you don't believe me, I have an opposing view of your own, that's fine, but once again, my source is solid, and you would be ignorant if you think such an occurance is impossible. You say you don't lie. You have gone out of your way to tell me how much you DO care about this incident, even going so far as to call myself and my source liers, and then try to downplay an incident to polish a tarnished religion. 

I'm sorry, but the only one here making ridiculous claims are those saying Islam is a peaceful religion, there is too much evidence to the contrary to believe such rubbish. 

Anyway, a link I believe you two might enjoy!

Wow, blast from the past! 

Quite franky, Halo reach, and moving into my apartment was a little more important than having you call me a lier based on nothing but your own fantasy of a world.

1.  Your "witness":  how many Muslims does he normally see in a given day at work?  How many of them REALLY didn't show up?  And how do you explain that THOUSANDS of Muslims could call in sick on the one day that a terrorist attack happened and no law enforcement agency picked up on this, nor anyone at a higher level than chain email sender (not even Faux News would dare air something this ridiculous, I trust)?

It's Rochester, and the IBM building is a mile long...I don't know if you know this, but Rochester has a large population of muslums, Quite a few work at the IBM building. I love how you try to discount my anecdotes as nothing more than a chain letter, you sir, are pathetic. My anectdotes come from a reputable source with first hand experiance, if you are too ignorant to think that such things are remotely possible, it's not my problem.    

2.  Your anecdote:  no I do not, not because your "view" "opposes" mine, but because you are showing a propensity for repeating crazy stories that are clearly false.  I was already skeptical but this makes me conclude that this particular story is also most likely false (although this is not a certainty). 

I hate to tell you this, but both stories are 100% true. Your conclusion that it is false is based on nothing but pure speculation, which is just pathetic.

3.  "I don't care".  Given that I am confident your story is grossly inaccurate, I don't really care HOW inaccurate it is.  Did you or someone along the line of the gossip that led to you exaggerate or distort the event, or did it not happen at all?  If the first, who and how many did so; if the second, who made it up?  I don't really care. 

You do care because you have reapetedly posted your rubbish trying to discredit what I say. like it or not, this stuff is real, it does happen, and the fact that you cannot seem to grasp the fact that Muslims are in no way perfect as the media would have you think is very telling about who you are as a person. Also, the "line of gossip" was a total of three people, and it was not gossip, it was a conversation that was very telling about who Muslims really are as a religion. 

4.  Anyone who says that any major religion doesn't have violent extremists is a fool.  Maybe she is one.  But Horowitz is a clown.  He strung her along until she gave an answer he wanted (or that sounded like something he could say was what he wanted) and then shut down the discussion.  Did she mean she was for Hezbollah, or for Jews in Israel, or for hunting down Jews in Israel?  He assumes #3.  We don't know because he cut her off.  And we don't know what the answer to her question is because he never got around to giving one. 

You are funny, you say Horowitz basically forced that woman to give him an answer...I'm sorry, but she stated quite clearly what she believes, and once again, you truly are ignorant if you believe that she doesn't want to eradicate the Jews, and that nobody could possibly believe this.

Now, I see that you are either too blind, or too ignorant to have a real conversation, so call me a lier if you want, but I know better, and i'm sure many others here do as well. I refuse to keep arguing with you about how factual my stories are. You can choose not to believe them if you wish, but the fact of the matter is There are many Muslims who wish to eradicate the Jews, that is an undeniable fact. As such, my original statement still holds true. If you wish to discuss that matter in a meaningful way without resorting to cheap shots about what news organizations I may or may not watch (once again, intolerant and best.) or directing the conversation away from it's original point, I'll be here, until then,you are not worth my time.

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