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Nirvana_Nut85 said:
Final-Fan said:
ironman said:
What part of "...that just may sooth your ignorance" is not an insult? You need to reread your post. I do hope you at least got a warning for that. 

And if you think that my single example is isolated then you sir, live in a fantasy world. hey, here's another fun fact. My dad worked at the IBM building in Rochester MN (you know, the one that is over a mile long?) on 9/11 not a single Muslim came to work, this was reportedly the case in many other businesses in Rochester. Now you can try and tell me that the Muslim religion is one of peace and love, but I know better, they knew about the impending attack and didn't warn anybody. I made a generalization because while it's obviously not something all Muslims follow (and I know because I had a Muslim friend back in college) over in the middle east there are many who do believe that the Coran orders them to kill all Jews. And obviously even here in America there are those that do. So go ahead, call me discriminatory, but I know better.

@Final Fan, yes, the Coran DOES make it quite clear that Muslims are to kill all Jews Some muslims obviously don't believe that, but there are too many that do for me to just dismiss it. 

And as for my anecdote why in the world would a young Muslim come at the one guy on the crew that was Jewish, and not any of the other guys? In-fact, no matter how offensive, that is no reason to try and kill somebody, that is a sure sign of intolerance. No matter which way you try and twist it, it's quite clear that the Muslim intended to kill the Jewish guy BECAUSE he was Jewish. And trying to dismiss it by calling it third hand is just silly. It did happen and there is more than one person who can testify to it. 

@ both of you, i'm sorry that I have dared insult your favorite religion, but as Doobie_wop so aptly put it, no religion is spotless, so settle down.

"on 9/11 not a single Muslim came to work, this was reportedly the case in many other businesses in Rochester. Now you can try and tell me that the Muslim religion is one of peace and love, but I know better, they knew about the impending attack and didn't warn anybody."

Okay, I know now from this that you are beyond reasoning with.  This is a hilarious conspiracy theory.  You think that not only are the vast majority of Muslims completely united in terrorist conspiracy attacks, but that they are all in communication with each other, and not ONE of them told authorities or even had communications intercepted by authorities or let it slip to anyone who would tell the cops.  And after the fact no one noticed this except the chain email senders. 

Just to be clear, though, I want to confirm that you are telling me that Carl2291's source is LYING when it claims that the Koran also says to treat Jews as brothers?  Or somehow is completely wrong, whereas you who no doubt have not ever read it know that that instruction does not exist? 

As for the anecdote, considering your other tale I now seriously doubt that anything of the sort happened.  Maybe a worker got into a fight with some guy after insults were exchanged.  I don't even care. 

And Islam is not a favorite religion of mine, nor even do I know more than a couple people who believe it, but when I see people making ridiculous claims (like one guy who said that Islam's God was, in fact, Satan) I stand up against it, just as I would against claims that the Holocaust didn't happen or the sky is on fire.  Or that radical islamic nations could conquer Europe. 

Hey leave him alone, he probably is probably just brainwashed by the Fox News propaganda machine (glenn beck and bill orielly) just like a lot of left wing people are brainwashed by the MSNBC propaganda machine.

Wow, a whole lot of intolerance coming from you two jokers. i'm sorry but like I said before, your precious broken mass media views it as not PC to report anything truely horrible about Muslims. The fact that you people are so quick to defend this religion, while throwing others under the bus is both laughable and hypocritical. 

@ Fine-Fan:  No, there is no conspiracy theory in my story about not one Muslim coming to work on 9/11, I have a first hand witness who was at the IBM building. You can choose not to believe me, I don;t really care because I know for a fact it was true, my source is not a lier, nor are they racist in any manner. BTW Carl's source is irrelevant to the point I am making, like it or not, there are enough muslims that believe the Coran tells them to eradicate all Jews, that I was just in saying what I said in my first post.

As for my first anecdote, Of course you don't believe me, I have an opposing view of your own, that's fine, but once again, my source is solid, and you would be ignorant if you think such an occurance is impossible. You say you don't lie. You have gone out of your way to tell me how much you DO care about this incident, even going so far as to call myself and my source liers, and then try to downplay an incident to polish a tarnished religion. 

I'm sorry, but the only one here making ridiculous claims are those saying Islam is a peaceful religion, there is too much evidence to the contrary to believe such rubbish.


Anyway, a link I believe you two might enjoy!

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