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mirgro said:
Mendicate Bias said:
mirgro said:
FranTic91 said:
mirgro said:
Finals have been getting in my way to play much, but it seems like a fun game to be played.

However I can't agree with your 'it takes no skill" argument,since Halo games have NEVER taken a lot of skill. They are noobish games plain and simple. They are fun and and great locally and take it for what it is, but if you want to measure your mettle go play UT or Quake. Even CS took more skill than Halo1 and CS was usually laughed at as the game noobs play.




Get 'im Selnor


Anyonewho says otherwise either has notplayed UT and Quake and CS, or they just sucked at it and tried to make themselves feel better by "pwning" in Halo CE, then tried to convince others it actually took skill.

Ignorant people are funny.

Your wrong in so many different ways I can't help but chuckle.

You seem liek those skilless noobs who just couldn't handle UT and Quake. I am sorry, but absolutely everything you have to do in Halo you have to do in UT and Quake, plus have it twice as fast, plus have twice as much mobility. That right there is the definition of a superior skill-based game. I am sorry you weren't cut out for the best, no teveryone else is, at least you have Halo to keep you company.

I agree have coming from the consoles after play xbl since its launch, and playing  STRICTLY pc for the last 6months playing css, starcraft1+2,

and l4d2 etc (used to play wow and starcraft back in 07 for a year but on a laptop which broke and now have a gaming rig! ) I basically have

gotten my ass handed to me on the pc (only on css and starcraft). But the thing is I still come back for more, cause I see the improvements I am

making, last month getting own by (insert css or sc name here) now I am beating him. But there is always someone better that still owns me

and I was asking for tips to get better. That why I like playing fps/rts competeivly cause I know when I am better then somone your going to

beat them 9/10 on pc. I play l4d2 and team fortress for when I just want to chill and relax but Ill jump into room have those games that get

pretty competive also, but those games are easyiar to pick up on then css or sc. @ MIRGRO even people on css said that css takes skill but not

as much as Quake or UT ...what specific quake or UT are they talking about and are they still played today, kinda of want to pick them up?