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Mendicate Bias said:
I'm not going to bother arguing with you since you clearly don't understand logic but I will say a few more things and then leave this thread.

Go to every single old school Halo gamer and 90 percent of the new school gamers love Halo Reach. Stop lying and saying the Halo veterans hate it when all us Halo:CE player can't get enough of it. The powers are balanced your just not good enough of a player to take advantage of them. I would post a video of me playing and absolutely destroying kids with armor lock, camo and jet packs if I had a capture card since you clearly need a tutorial.

MLG has always modified the game types and they will do the same thing with Reach. They will make custom loadouts so most of the things you hate will be gone. Although that won't make a difference since you are clearly horrible at the game.

The majority of the people who hate the game are the people who suck at it. Prove me wrong and tell me your gamertag so I can look at your stats. Like I said before I'm glad that Bungie made a game that requires so much skill, the incessant whining of scrubs like you who think they were good at Halo before is proof of this.

@giznmo--never said I was pro story though

Hopefully that is true and they get rid of all the loadout stuff for mlg mode...I said I like the game but it doesnt feel like halo..slayer pro is cool...mlg hasnt really been big since 08, that want I read...Mlg is even accepting mw2 lol

I dont like halo reach competeivly atm, buts its beta...If I want to play a competive mp fps Ill play counterstrike for pc.