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I loved the Halo 3 throwdown items, me and my friend were just talking about that today. How bungie changed Halo2 but not drastically and Halo 3 I loved from day friggin one. Reach is the first game that doesnt feel like halo, it feel almost forced I dont know how to explain better. Its mw2 with powerups minus killstreaks but Im sure that in the next halo will have killstreaks now, and Im sure you will love it. This game changed the halo formula way to much, and made it so noob friendly its pathetic. Its really ashame to watch this franchise that Ive been playing for the last ten years burn into another casuel shooter.


-increased radar size

- powerups-- teams used to battle for map control is now gone. powerups are now freebies every newb has.

-heath pack


-slower pacing

-smaller jump

-jetpack---took away some "hard jumps in the game" newbs will be able to casuelly fly to destation.

-weapon now can shoot constant beams across maps as well has shoot plasma grenade

-br removed due to mlg haters complaing about being 4shotted... mlg playist was in halo3 but the complaining still contuied so it was removed it

-change the control you used for the past ten years about--so newbs can have there loadouts with powerup button.

- bungie must have played the game shadowrun to much and like it so we figured we would put halo name in it

-stopped being orginal---this is like mario or some other classic franchise being ruined.

-split the community halo3/reach

Positive about Reach

-Bungies last halo game

- Leave much to be desired in Halo 4 and put pressure on 343 industries.

-make you appreciate Halo ODST (just when you thought it couldnt get worse)

Neutral things about reach

-added halo1 and halo 2 life system

-you now only have to own call of duty or halo reach to get the same expierence ( save people 60 dollars)