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selnor said:
homicidaIpanda said:
selnor said:
FullMetalMerc said:
selnor said:
It's your opinion. But I loved Halo 3. And Reach is alot better. It makes MW2 seem old in innovation.

Bring on the Reach.

with all the loadouts and new game modes Reach is more like MW2 than halo 3, the promoshot of reach is just like the cover of MW2 except the guy is a spartan with a suit.




Ok I understand the resemblances.

But what Reach does is balance and matchmaking to perfection.

MW2 is so unbalanced at times. kills are nothing more than better equipped than your foe. Also Matchmaking is something Halo will always be the frontrunner with. It's the maps where COD really falls down on, as well as game modes.

Reach has a balance just not found elsewhere. It's faster than Halo 3. More tactical than MW2 or Halo 3 and the maps are 9 years of experience.

It's one of those games where everything you thought was perfect about it's predecessor has it's faults shown with it's sequel.

If other games were trying to better Halo 3, and got close. Reach has just extended that gap hugely again. Cant wait to play Invasion and Generator Defense.

If Reach's graphics were like Halo 1's it would still be the greatest online experience Ive ever had. It's funny cause while your playing you really couldn't care less about the graphics. Even for a graphics nut like me. The fun had is that overwhelming. God Headhunter is amazing.

So i dragged myself through 4 more hours of beta this morning.

I completely disagree with everything you just said except for the matchmaking being the best and halo will always be the front runner that is

true. The voting system is great also. The balance in this game is terrible, if instance I was scount with bone hammer and ran around just to

show people how broken this game is and completely does not play like a  halo game.  Also I went like 15 and 0 being the stalker class before

my controller died on me and I just shut off my 360 laughing my ass off thinking that the game I just played is supposed to replace Halo 3. So

want am I supposed to check every little place to find stalker people? What if my whole team decides to use stalker? Dont even get me on

armor block when you fail so hard you can press LB to have a secound chance lol

One time i got stuck by a plasma grenade and did my armor block and I was fine..then I killed him..the guy was yelling all over the mic saying

want bs, I simply said this is no halo game so dont worry about.


Faster then Halo 3 so waiting for someone to come out of armor block speeds up the game? Also pacing in general and jumping are slower and

you dont jump nearly as high.

Its one of the games were if you acutally played H2 and H3 online your  like "wow if it isnt broke dont fix it"

Reach just ruined the Halo name and the competive play that you were able to expirence to a more pick up and play game. I hope Halo is

removed from the name and just have reach there. Hopefully 343 industries can make Halo 4 and just build off of reaches engine with H3

gameplay. This is game is far less tactilc then Halo more fighting for highground or overshiled or active camo.

Really. LOL.

Sorry but you would have been destroyed in some of the games I have played. Your playing noobs man. Halo veterans will mow you down if you play like you just described.

Armour lock is really for being swamped. Doing it  1 on 1, will get you wasted. Like the guy with a sticky on you. If someone armour locks while 1 on 1, I laugh run back from them wait 2 or 3 secs and let go of a normal grenade. It sits beside them, their lock runs out and its goodbye my friend.

Anyone complaining about the abilities hasnt played against anyone decent. The abilities are aids that everyone has. I have played quite alot of Reach about 12 hours. I am Sargent Grade 2. The guys I am Matchmaked with are seriously good. And Armour lock is by no means the choice ability.

Get your skill rating higher and come and play the big boys.

Stalker. Any person moving in Stalker is visible. I have had so many Stalker guys cursing me in Free For All because they donr understand the millions of tactics Reach has.

By all means hate the game. By all means dont play it.

But 1 thing is for sure. Reach has so much more tactics and possibilites as it is, I really cant be arsed with Halo 3 anymore.

Selnor I defend you all the time but you my friend are no halo veteren. Halo veteran hate this fucking piece a shit

sorry for such harsh words but everone I know hates it (people that played halo 2 and 3 competivley)...absoulte garbage and should not be a

halo game. I think I played reach for about 8 hours and played agiast all types of people and the games inbalanced. You obviously never played

MLG lvl 50 play or any high Teamslayer in halo 2 or 3. I know how you are any xbox exclusive is the best game of the month, usally I tend to

agree with you but for once I am bashing people that once made a great game..instead they made it for the casuel market...go read the bungie

forums bro alot of people hate it. Never once have halo veterans asked for classed base, armor power up suit garbage. If you are considering

yourself a halo veterean I am ashamed to call myself one.  I really cant believe people are accepting reach as a halo game its so sad, the

weapons and aa are so korney and  I guess its want all the halo noobs wanted though add a sprint button and take away skill

weapons and while bungie was at that they decided to add jetpacks and other dumb stuff. If you go by the order of the story its the order of

the competive gameplay as well. Reach