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cacafina said:
I didn't like the abilities at all, i mean running should not be an ability should be someting anyone could use. and i hate that the running gauge won't recover until you finish it. The jet pack should be an item not an ability, i hate that there are so many people flying around. The unvunerability and the invisibility should be an item just as in halo 3. But well the game is cool so far. Another thing i didn't liked was that you can choose a map out of 3 or so. because people will just choose the one they like and you always play in powerhouse.

To many people are playing noobs etc. To many flying, to many armour lock.Guys later on in the skill tree people dont overuse abilities because those guys get wasted. Already I have some great tactics to kill Armour lock overusers, as well as Jetpack overusers. Camo is harder, but brilliant when you spot the slimy noob and tan him.

Sprint is fantastic. I'll post tips and tactics soon.