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FullMetalMerc said:
selnor said:
It's your opinion. But I loved Halo 3. And Reach is alot better. It makes MW2 seem old in innovation.

Bring on the Reach.

with all the loadouts and new game modes Reach is more like MW2 than halo 3, the promoshot of reach is just like the cover of MW2 except the guy is a spartan with a suit.




Ok I understand the resemblances.

But what Reach does is balance and matchmaking to perfection.

MW2 is so unbalanced at times. kills are nothing more than better equipped than your foe. Also Matchmaking is something Halo will always be the frontrunner with. It's the maps where COD really falls down on, as well as game modes.

Reach has a balance just not found elsewhere. It's faster than Halo 3. More tactical than MW2 or Halo 3 and the maps are 9 years of experience.

It's one of those games where everything you thought was perfect about it's predecessor has it's faults shown with it's sequel.

If other games were trying to better Halo 3, and got close. Reach has just extended that gap hugely again. Cant wait to play Invasion and Generator Defense.

If Reach's graphics were like Halo 1's it would still be the greatest online experience Ive ever had. It's funny cause while your playing you really couldn't care less about the graphics. Even for a graphics nut like me. The fun had is that overwhelming. God Headhunter is amazing.