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homicidaIpanda said:

This game fails in so many way to its predcessors its a joke. So there is the stalker, guard and airborne and scount classes. They are probably

wants ruining the expierence for me. They are so lame and pathetic its a joke and completely make the halo game not feel like a halo game. I

feel like im playing crysis and using my special abiltys that are super unbalanced. Ive been playing halo since the very beginning and dumped

 tons of hours into the game and played halo2 and 3 quite competivley. Has of the past two hours this game is NOT a halo game and should

have been bungie's new ip for activision. Going to play some more tonight and hopefully get a better expirence. this is reach atm

The graphic realism in the game seems quite high, judging from that clip >_>