i don't suck at any of them? i don't understand football or baseball games so i only watch it on tv. as for other sports games im usually good at them. i can't think of a genre im bad at, but heres the top 11 im good at.

1. Action Adventure
2. Platformers
3. T.P.S. (i just don't die)
4. JRPG's/WRPG's/Turn based RPG's/ARPG's(Just trying to get them all)
5. Create Play Share
6. Action
7. FPS (no innovation/i just don't die)
8. Open world games
9. Puzzle
10. Fighting games (PredictionDOA coming to PS3)

11. Sports (mostly mma, wrestling, and boxing)

Predictions 2012

PS3 108-120m

wii 116m

360 80-110m