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Kynes said:
I'll have to buy a DS to play this game, and all the wonderful past library it has. Shit, Nintendo is falconpunching my wallet.

I'd definitely consider getting a DSi XL or waiting for a 3DS then.  Because this game is going to be so beautiful, it'll be worth playing on the bigger, crisper screens.  Much like the other Level 5 title, Dragon Quest IX.

andremop said:
It's no problem at all it if doesn't come. It'll be fan-translated for sure if that happens. And what's better... japanese voices - which are always better!

That's the kid of piracy I don't feel guilty doing (like Seiken Dentetsu 3 or Mother 3)

Problem is, it took them like 5 years to finish the translation for Mother 3.  And who knows how dedicated they'll be for this game.  Some games get fan translated instantly because the team just is obsessed with them, like Jump Ultimate Stars or Final Fantasy IV (which even got translated after the US version was announced).  Then other games get dropped, like the sequel to Game Center CX (Retro Game Challenge in America) or Kumatanchi (Vanillaware's DS title).  All titles we'll never see outside of Japan, aside from FFIV.

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