leo-j said:
It wasn't until recently, with Lady Gaga's Just Dance hit in the summer of 08, that electronic, Euro-style dance music began to find its niche again on the American mainstream charts. This is a point that is agreed upon by almost the entire music industry. Madonna has definitely made an impact, but that had dissipated some going into the early 2000s. And now Lady Gaga is essentially uping the ante as far as pop music is concerned. She is everything: marketing genius, songwriter, singer, dancer, and far more fashionably courageous than most of her contemporaries. She has transformed the runway aesthetic into a more easily accessible vision, wearing clothes you might think are stupid but are designed by the people who inspire with their creativity the trickle-down dept. store clothing lines you wear everyday. So before you shoot your mouth off about what you think is art, consider that at 24 years old, this girl has in 2 years single-handedly taken over what has always been the court of singers who have had far more time to perfect their craft (i.e. Madonna, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, etc.). And don't even get me started on her now-famous performances: the MTV VMAs, the MuchMusic Awards, the Brit Awards, SNL, the Grammys...all iconic performances because she has something that has been essentially lost for a good 10-15 years with most artists: SHOWMANSHIP. Whatever, I've made my point. Naysayers can #### ####.

you mean "pornographic" showmanship ...

Time to Work !