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I just don't get it. Why is everybody so hyped about it ?! What is so special about Natal that would convince me to buy a 360 ? Where's all the hype about anyway ?!
Like the Minority Report shit. Who the fuck wants that ? Maybey fun for 5 minutes , but it will suck when you just wan't to watch a freaking movie. When I wan't to watch a movie , I put my TV on to watch a movie , not to jump around to room to scroll through the menu because that is 'fun'.
I also don't see it in games. Hiding behind the couch pretending you have a gun in your hands.
Don't see it for golf or other sports. Why would you pretend you have a bat in your hand ?
It's more 'realistic' to have some sort of bat , and it looks stupid to waving around your room.
I also don't see anything in controlling a game without an controller. WTF ?!
Or a race game , steering without a steeringwheel. VERY realistic.
And try to hold your arms up streched for a full race (5-7 minutes).
Same for the Move.
Useless , unpracticle , nothing new , doesn't add anything goods to the experience.

MS can better concentrate on exclusive's. Stuff like Alan Wake attracts people to buy their console , and they're doing good with a nice line-up of games this year. Sony whas stupid and shot most of their ammo this month. They better come up with some good stuff.

Anyway , I'm in no way tempted by Natal neither Move and I don't see any reason why I would be.
But if I had to pick out one of the two , I would go for Move. The only reason is why I choose Move is because there are buttons on it.

Controller/mouse/keyboard for life !