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Kasz216 said:
I wonder why Hitler never rolled into the Middle East. He could of taken it easily... the area was pro-nazi due to British mistreatment and it offered plenty of Oil.

Also it presented the perfect underbelly attack to Russia.

He tried. One of the long-term plans was for the Afrika Corps to meet up with the Operation Barbarossa army coming around from the Caucasus.


They also fomented a temporarily successful anti-British revolution in Iraq, where a predecessor to the Baath party took over the country for a while, but the British quickly stamped them out, as well as pro-German Vichy French elements that were in control of Syria. The British and Soviets also worked together to oust the pro-German Shah of Iran (Reza Pahlavi i believe his name was)


It was an issue of priorities, of course. Much of the war could have been vastly changed if different groups had different priorities. The Japanese prioritized taking Southeast Asia over the Soviet Far East, and thus made their nonagression pact with the Soviets, though Hitler kept asking them to invade the area while Barbarossa still had steam. The Japanese could have steamrolled the Soviets if they had just prioritized it properly, and the whole course of the war changed.

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