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Carl2291 said:
ManusJustus said:
Carl2291 said:
I'm not going to even read this. I'm just going to say...

Muslims and Jews have been at war for hundreds of years.

No they haven't.  Conflict between Jewsand Muslim didn't start until this century with the founding of Israel.  Before that, Jews lived peacefully alongside Muslims, Jews even fled Europe and moved to Arab countries because of Christian persecution during the Dark Ages.

I do think the mechanism for Germans hating Jews and Muslims hating Jews is the same.  After WWI, radical Germans needed someone to blame for its embarassing loss of power, and the Jewish minority was an easy target.  For radical Muslims, they need someone to blame for their fall from power, specifically the Ottoman Empire which was the last powerful Islamic state, and the founding of Israel made targeting the Jewish minority even easier.

That's why there are things going on NOWADAYS.

The Qur'an, if i remember correctly, even encourages Muslims to attack Jews if they don't convert to Islam.

The Quran doesn't say that.  Mohammed actually had a lot of respect for Christians and Jews, or People of the Book as he called them, and viewed them as friends who followed God but were led astray.  Mohammed's enemies were the pagans tribes that gave the Muslim community a very difficult time.  In fact, Mohammed was welcomed in Christian Ethiopia when he and his followers fled Mecca, and he eventually defeated the Meccan Pagans with the help of Christian and Jewish allies in Medina.

Not that history matters much for religion though, what matters is what people want their religion to be.