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flowjo said:
Wonktonodi said:
flowjo said:
pffft like these "professionals" know anything the game should easily be in the 98-100 range , guess they arent really gamers and more suited to pleasing a broader audience.

any podcast i listen to there is always one dude on there praising the shit out of demons souls and i listen to almost all of them lol.

when I played the game and was really trying to be playing online with a friend I noticed I would get "knocked offline" far to frequently.  By Knocked offline I mean that although it doesnt' say I"m disconected from the server I can no longer see bloodstains or messages.  Leave messages or see soul signs so I"d have to restart the game.  Sometimes I'd have to restart the game 2 or three times.  So for me that would keep it out of the 98 to 100 range just because it got in the way of enjoying the game.


never happened to me , the game is a masterpiece,  the first 10 hours i knew the game was going to win tons of awards , something sparked in my brain the type of experiences and addiction (lol) i was getting only from very past pc titles, it was fresh and challenging and super deep.

it won so many innovation awards from different sites in 2009 and it took goty on gamespot and i know other sites wanted to give it to demons souls but gamespot was the only one to actually have the balls to do it and its made me respect them even more now cause it truley is the best game from 2009 and best game this gen and one of the best of all time


well I'm glad it never happen to you.  Looking forward to the next.