disolitude said:

I don't think anyone thought that PS3s will have issues working on the new expensive HDMI 1.4 TVs.

What about the older 3D capable 1.3 TVs that use checkerboard? What about the true 120 hz monitors which use Nvidias HDMI to DVI cable? Finding this out would be key...

As far as dev kits, thats cool but all they really had to do is cut the PS3 in half...lol.

"Here yougo...make the game in 3D now" :)

I don't think you really get it. Producing a 1080p 60hz game in 720p 30hz in each eye isn't really halfing the power of the PS3, and there is a lot more to it than just producing the same output twice.

30hz in each eye is virtually the same as 60hz over both eyes, so you wont notice any loss in performance, what you will notice is the resolution drop of course, however each eye is going to be getting a 720p image, it's hard to say what the perceptional differences will be is it not? 

Also, this is the begining. 3D game development is fresh soil and these are ports of original non-3d games where the texture streaming and particle technology was not originally developed with this in mind. The usage of the PS3 SPUs is not optimized for 3D and I doubt it will be for some time. That being said, you wont have the massive processing bank on other platforms to be able to "force" 3d on games that do not natively support it. The cell is a wonderful beast for things like this, I hope they use it properly. babying this sort of technology will only end up with half assed products.

That being said, what we hear so far points to a mind blowing gaming experience and I cannot wait. 


"Yeah, you do have a point. Consoles do have an advantage of not requiring as much raw horsepower as PCs since they are purpose built for gaming and are much more optimized."


No, consoles themselves have no advantage over PCs. That is the developers choice. Consoles do not require less raw horsepower for the same image quality, Developers need to find ways to optimize their code for the hardware on the console. If developers went and optimized their code for dual core processors and nvidia GPUs it would be the same result on PCs based on that tech. It's not like the 360 has anything in it that makes it special for gaming. Likewise with the PS3, the Cell is a monster processor for any application, it's up to developers to use that technology in different ways. Engine Engineering on the PS3 is a brand new frontier. It's completely different than anything we've ever seen in ANY game development. It's done differently. The line of thinking and logic as to how you produce IQ is like night and day compared to the 360, Wii or a PC.

I suppose the point is that the consoles are not optimized, its the code thats optimized for the hardware. 

Alan wake, originally a launch title for Quad Core CPUS, was built with the same idea in mind, where it would only ruin in its true form on the Intel Quad Core CPUS. It was optimized for that Tech, but its not like the quad cores are optimized for gaming, as we've seen they are rather annoying for most games :P

It's interesting, the PS3 was originally supposed to ship with no graphics card. But they were forced to chuck one in there because of Multiplatform developers.