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I bought the GB Pocket when I already owned a GB, I bought the GBA sp and already had the GBA I bought the DS: Lite when I already owned a DS. I know many people have done the same thing if it is a relatively inexpensive upgrade it will get people to either convert or grab new adopters, but the big difference with an enhanced WII is it would as you proposed enhance graphics. This may upset a user base that had no intention of upgrading. The only way to appease this group would be to ensure all new titles worked on both the original Wii and this proposed enhanced Wii. Perhaps they can have two graphic modes that auto set upon puting the game in. I would say this would be annoying for developers but it seems computer games have countless complex graphic options so I'd be surprised if this was an unfeasable option. I would seriously count this possibility out if it weren't for two things. 1) you can't ignore the DS's turn around in the market based soley on the introduction of the DS: Lite. 2) The Wii's Graphics are the only thing holding the system back. another aspect that makes this considerable option for many is that most people I know who own a ps2 that we're early adopters at some point in time had to purchase a second unit(due to some sort of problem). Wouldn't it be great if and when you needed that second unit it was simply better? I think so. Plus Nintendo has to figure it won't be long now before the copycat giants introduce motion sensing controls of their own, and have ports of motion sensing thrid party Wii games with better graphics. It would do them well to catch up. And the system is cheap enough where it shouldn't be too much of an issue.