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scottie said:
ShadowSnake said:
scottie said:
Ok Jake the fake, tell me why you think GTA5 wont be on the Wii

You cannot use the fact that GTA:ctw sold badly on the DS, because it sold worse on the PSP
You cannot use the fact that GTA4 was not on the Wii, because that was developed back when analysts were still predicting incredibly low sales for the Wii


What exactly is your argument for saying it will be on the wii.

The only arguments you've made are the opposites of the two arguments you're telling jake the fake he can't use.

You said "Surely you have to agree, Attoyou, that the incredible success of CTW on the DS and its incredible flop on the PSP shows where the right market is for this sort of game?" <-- even though comparing gta5 to ctw is a bad comparison, you were the one to bring it up

and if your other argument is that the wii has such a big userbase then by that logic every single dev should be makign their games for the wii.

you know what's happened here is it's as if you made a claim that alien's exist, ppl are telling you they don't. And then you're making them prove it that aliens don't exist when your original claim was totally unfounded in the first place


My argument for claiming it will be on the Wii is that the Wii is the console with the highest userbase, and has been shown time and time again to be the best system for selling games and the best system for making profits. Seems like a decent argument to me :P


So it is infact as if I made the claim that humans exist, and you are all claiming they don't

First off, you're saying that games sell so well on the wii (don't get me wrong many have). but has there been any 3rd party mature games that sold all that particularly well in comparison to those others on the wii? Fact is, a gta game might get good sales on the wii, but to ppl who most probably already own either a ps3 or a 360.

Now, let's play w/ the notion that 3rd party devs keep making piss poor games for the wii, an argument i've heard one too many times on these threads, but a valid concern nonetheless. In this case, there is no basis for R* to go on in order to make the decision to develop a gta for the wii since there is no other games to compare it with. Therefore your comment that the wii is the best system for selling games is moot.

Finally, now I'm not all that technical on these things, but as someone else mentioned, wouldn't this game end up being cut-down either graphically or game-length/mission-wise to be ported to the wii? All this would lead to is poor sales and anger from the wii-community that 3rd parties keep sending bad games their way.

And finally, to play w/ my simile again. Someone who states that "humans exist" is stating a fact. Show me an article when a R* rep said "GTA is coming to the Wii" and then it'll be a fact. All I know is ppl shouldn't of made a big deal about your lil "PSWii60" which I liked, because who knows, it is always possible. But you should not have kept harping on it, in order to defend your lil comment, when your only argument is based on the fact that the console with the highest userbase has sold extremely well exclusively to 1st party titles only.