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Why the hell would a developer make the next GTA on the Wii? HD GTA games are huge! How would the Wii run that? Oh wait, Rockstar can just tone down the graphics and provide the Wii userbase with half the missions right? No they can't because it wouldn't sell at all as being the massively inferior game. So far the only GTA big hitters are on the 360, PSP and PS3. We saw what the DS could do with the franchise and it just managed a million which is sad for a GTA game and now people expect GTA 5 for the Wii lol?

As for the CTW PSP arguement, how would anyone expect great or better sales from CTW PSP when the game was built with touch screen controls for the DS? It's a late port on a system that already has two full 3D GTA's and now all of a sudden a 2.5D GTA game is gonna sell great? Don't think so, and I also don't think that this warrants the PSP out of the picture for a toned down version of GTA 5 or maybe even SA stories.