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jarrod said:
the_lonely_gamer_123 said:
Deradorn said:
I voted for MGS but they should have had an option for Twin Snakes it my preferred version. Great story with MGS2 graphics.

I didn't include Twin Snakes because it was a remake. Plus, a lot of people thought the game's cut scenes were cheesy, as Kojima did not use MGS2 graphics, instead he experimented with different graphics.

MGS1 is itself really just a remake though, of Metal Gear 2.

Honestly, I think Twin Snakes would've been a better option than Portable Ops (which isn't even a full MGS).

MGS2 is itself just a remake though, of Metal Gear Solid which itself is a remake of Metal Gear 2

TTS is not canon, MGS1 is, the poll is about the main saga, which should include MG and MG2 (MSX2 versions) but the OP decided to leave them out, so PO should be there