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I am curious to see what people think is the best Metal Gear Solid game. They are all great games- Kojima-san has done an amazing job with the revitalization of the Metal Gear series.

I definitely won't choose Portable Ops, the only Metal Gear game I would classify as "average". I wasn't a big Raiden fan in Metal Gear Solid 2, so I am not going to choose that game, still it was a great game. I still prefer Solid Snake to Big Boss, plus I did think that for a Metal Gear Solid game, (along with PO) the story was too simplistic. Now it comes down to MGS and MGS4. Honestly I can't choose a winner. The two best games I have ever played.

Tell which game you voted for and tell why if you want. BTW, I chose I like two or more equally 

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